Whistle Sports Lures Millions To ‘Live’ Basketball Tourney You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

“Last weekend, when Whistle Sports carried the first games on its Facebook page, it said it reached 23.5 million people. In one of the best games, Whistle Sports got over 2,673 reactions and/shares in the second half alone. That isn’t the Super Bowl, but considering Facebook Live is new and so is The Basketball Tournament, that says something about the potency of live streaming.

This weekend, Whistle Sports will carry The Basketball Tournament’s next round, from Philadelphia and Chicago. Out there, there are people who already knew that and plan to be watching. That’s amazing to me.

‘If you told me five years ago that like this would be a significant factor online, I probably would have said, ‘Well, I don’t know…But maybe someday,’ said Brian Selander, Whistle Sports executive vice president, mouthing the comment I would have made if you asked me, oh, say, last Friday.”