We partner with leading companies in social analytics to develop offerings (Crowdtangle, Tubular Labs, Epoxy, Social Context)
  • Empower and enable network partners to enhance content offerings across to increase viewership and better engage audiences
  • Arm our sales team with pre-sale and post campaign
  • Deliver brand partners unique and differentiated brand lift, purchase intent sentiment analysis
We perform extensive proprietary research driven by 165,784 data points demographic and psychographic subsets linked to sports video engagement and have a database of insights, preferences and buying habits
  • We tap into this database to help the marketplace understand the right: sports, genre, content format, collaborations, creators, brands that align and resonate with their respective audiences
We are trusted by leading brands / agencies and traditional media companies to help them understand, assess and develop social platforms as an end content destination
  • Conduct deep social audits to identify strengths, weakness and function as a strategic steward of go-forward social platform content
Whistle Sports knows this audience because we are this audience: We understand content consumption, engagement and activation patterns of the dynamic millennial consumer