Whistle Sports is the first sports entertainment platform built to engage and activate the new generation of fans and athletes.

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  • Combine the massive technology-driven disruptions in video content creation and distribution with a new generation of fans' demand for a personalized sports experience on every screen they use each day. The result is an enormous opportunity to build a sports media company a whole new way.

    -John West, Founder and CEO, Whistle Sports

  • John West

Our Mission

Pro league partners. All-star investors. A top-notch team and thousands of content creators all teaming up to deliver behind-the-scenes access and inspiring moments of athletic achievement. Sports content designed to keep tens of millions of young fans and athletes...

Change the Channel, Change the World.

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Rates of childhood obesity, cyber bullying, and substance abuse are sky rocketing. Over the past 3 decades, child obesity rates have tripled. 1 in 3 American's under 18 are now overweight or obese.

The average "digital native" in the U.S. spends almost 8 hours each day on screens. Sports is a solution and Whistle Sports is the first delivery system designed to each this generation in crisis, on all the screens they live on each day.

Current sports media does not effectively engage this new generation of fans. They are watching more recorded and less live TV. They are turning off the big screen and turning to the smaller screens, watching more than a third of their content on a computer, mobile device, or cell phone. They have much shorter attention spans and want to interact with their media.

  • Entertained

    Sports remain young fans' top entertainment choice, and they can choose Whistle Sports on every screen they use - T.V., web, mobile, or gaming platforms.

  • Inspired

    From exclusive behind-the-scenes access to athlete role models and pro leagues to user-generated content of young athletes being awesome - Whistle Sports shows fans that anything is possible.

  • Equipped

    Math and Science, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and teamwork - when you show, don't tell, sports is a series of compelling life lessons.

  • Activated

    From passive viewing to active doing, don't just watch - do! We're leveraging top pro athletes, leagues and coaches to give kids and their families the tools to get healthy and active.

Leadership Team

  • John West

    Founder &

  • Jeff Urban

    Co-Founder &

  • Julie Kikla

    Head of Content Partnerships

  • Deirdre Lester

    EVP, Advertising & Sponsorship Sales

  • Brian Selander

    Executive Vice President & External Affairs

  • Michael Cohen


  • Laura Fortner

    EVP, Marketing & Business Development

  • Evan Vernon

    Head of Product & Technology

  • Nate Loucks

    Director, Original Programming

  • Dev Sethi

    Head of Partner Operations

  • Samir Chaudry

    Director, Partnership & Programming Strategy

  • Dennis Lisberger


  • "The web’s best sports-related content creatorsand channels... the team at Whistle Sports Network has figured out how to tap into the content consumption patterns of young sports fans…"

    -- The Sporting News

  • "There is little question that the company has sparked the next great evolution in how sports fans everywhere consume (and now produce) sports media. With a foundation built on strong partnerships with professional leagues and athletes, and a viewer base that is growing at unprecedented rates, the company has established itself as a digital media curator and creator ready to compete on a global scale."

    -- Forbes


  • National Football League
  • Pro Golfers Association
  • Major League Soccer
  • US Ski Team
  • National Lacrosse League
  • Major League Lacrosse
  • Major League Baseball
  • AVP
  • Harlem Globetrotters
  • nascar

"They have the right property in place, and they're building it, platform by platform. They're onto something."

-- Peter O'Reilly, the N.F.L's vice president for fan strategy and marketing

"Increased interest and engagement by young fans is the backbone of MLL and will continue to drive tremendous growth for our sport and our league. The Whistle understands this audience and is entertaining, engaging and connecting with them directly across multiple platforms. Whenever young fans turn to The Whistle to learn more about sports, they'll find out how exciting lacrosse is when played at the professional level!"

-- David Gross, Major League Lacrosse Commissioner

Where To Find Us

Every screen, anywhere, any time. Whistle Sports is rolling out across multiple platforms to give fans the action, insights and sports entertainment they need in every way they want it, from pro sports heroes to top emerging talent.

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    Whistle Sports is the most subscribed sports platform in the world on YouTube, having created a community of hundreds of YouTube sports all-stars to grab a share of the 6 billion hours watched each month on this platform.

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    Xbox 360

    Whistle Sports has launched a leading video platform on the Xbox 360, extending the distribution for our content creators out to a platform that averages 87 hours a month of usage, with an install base of over 90 million.

Social Media

Our Network's reach is rapidly growing across all of the major social media platforms. Optimizing all of our partner channels to continue to build our interactive community wherever the creators are talking!

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