Whistle Sports Launches Professional Basketball Training Series ‘Unseen Hours’

New Whistle Sports show “Unseen Hours” follows basketball trainer Drew Hanlen, of Pure Sweat, on and off the court as he trains some of the most notable basketball stars.

“Unseen Hours brings viewers into the behind-the-scenes of being an up-and-coming professional basketball player. The dedication, the long hours of practice, the sweat and so much more are apparent through the work that these players are doing with Drew Hanlen of Pure Sweat,” said John West, Whistle Sports Founder and CEO. “We look forward to bringing this series to Whistle Sports and having it engage and inspire our millions of fans and followers.”

Episodes for the series will include professional players such as Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Bradley Beal, Kelly Oubre, Jordan Clarkson, Joel Embiid, Langston Galloway, Cheick Diallo, John Jenkins, and an episode specifically on Drew Hanlen.

Unseen Hours will feature some of basketball’s best young talent as they work to develop different aspects of their game, including shooting, dribbling, post moves, defense and so much more. It also highlights the goals and aspirations of these players as they mentally work to improve their game on and off the court.

“I’m excited to partner with Whistle Sports to give fans behind-the-scene looks at some of their favorite NBA players off-season training programs. This 10-episode series will showcase their on-court workouts which are typically private and done behind closed doors, which is why we like to call them the unseen hours!” said Drew Hanlen, Pure Sweat.

Starting on October 18, 10 episodes, ranging 3-4 minute, will premiere on Whistle Sports’ YouTube channel, as well as social shorts across Whistle Sports social platforms. Whistle Sports formally launched in 2014 and has since scaled to over 260 million fans and followers across its network.

About Whistle Sports

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